Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Day a New Dawn.

Just as forecast yesterday, I feel fabulous! Maybe its was just the natural ebb and flow of my lunar emotions having their way with me (I'm Cancerian). But today all seems right with the world again and not only can I breathe but I'm inpired! I'm working on a show called Let's Mixit and I am playing a middle-aged Muslim woman (Yes another drag queen but atleast fully clothed) and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience! I am learning Arabic and wonderful ways to banish the Devil and praise God. I think my Anglican and Dutch reformed ancestors may not be thrilled that I am currently so embroiled in the world of Islam but it always feels so effective to say a prayer in a language you don't really speak. Like speaking magic almost. It's not that I am considering converting by any means, I will always remain spiritually promiscuous and have yet to find a single religion that I can settle in and make a life with. (Beginning to sound a lot like my Love life!) Other than that I am temporarily living with my co-actor Gary Naidoo in his gorgeous home right on this picturesque estuary called Zeekoevlei. One would hardly believe it was so close to the infamous ganglands of Grassy Park! I exaggerate, Grassy Park doesn't feel nearly as dodge as certain parts of Johannesburg just off Beyers Naude'! In any case I am once again living in someone elses home adjusting to and adapting to their way of life. This can be unsettling at times but I also love being given all these oppurtunities to see how other people live. Gary and his Dad have a great relationship and they have done so much to make me feel at home that I even told Gary I felt like I was staying at a Sun International resort. But I still miss my little flat on top of the garage in amongst the trees in Northcliff. After all, whats yours is yours and I miss having a space thats mine. I will really appreciate it again once I get back there in June. I am loving this experience back in Cape Town though. It still amazes me how beautiful it is here and I have lived here for over ten years already. I suppose the Gypsey lifestyle is going to be my way of life for some time still to come. I just sometimes wish I could schlep my own caravan from place to place.


  1. You always have a "place" in Cape Town. My home is open to you and you can treat it like your own, but I do understand that you are much more comfortable in your own space. I am so happy you are here again

  2. In reading your posts.. I realize I resonate with the way you see life. I know that having your words for me to read will be a positive effect and I am looking forward to this blog becoming an input to my World.

    As for having your won space.. it goes along with being Cancerian.. home is where your shell is.. while I enjoy seeing the way others live, adapting and learning from it.. Your space is your space. It will be where-ever you are :)